Wanna Be Writer


DOUBT! The very first thing will occur to our mind. Arising Q&A intil the beauty of idea fade like a vapor water in the wind. Anchoring our free wild imagination unto the abyss of entrapment; where  words can’t hardly breadth suffocating it’s letters till it no longer form word. Truth or Fact? “Gnashing like a whirlwind with the dust, dancing glamorously in the vast sea of sand.” These are just sample thoughts to proved “Truth” with doubt letters are like big target sitting duck with no life. And “Fact” Claiming one simple sentence with galactic words can be so beautiful. 7.4 Billion World population and counting according to Wikipedia.com statistic. Just imagine that volume and “YOU” yourself included in that pollution I mean population. So if your dreaming to become a writer then Go For It! Deleting all doubts and exclude your thoughts that your just a Wanna Be Writer. Always bare in your mind the 7.4 B World Pop. and rate your self not that your mindset will not hinder from putting your writing ambition or hobby into action. Word is “Life” don’t you know that? It’s the writer secret to every stories success. So grab and plug your favorite music rhyming the beats in the accord of your imagination and give life to this bedazzled letters floating in your mind craving to explode and come out in exemplary impeccable  uniquely form “Stories of a lifetime”. Whether it is short or long sentence: what matter is it come out splendor!


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Nothing important; finding ways that is absolutely impossible into making it possible.

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